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Consider doing an AMA request instead. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Veteran online dater here and boy was that depressing to typehere are some of the common things I see on dating sites and what they translate to:. Also, one other tip: Don't try to "hide" your physique.

If none of your photos show your full body reddit bad dating profiles a normal angle, I assume you are massive. I'm perfectly fine dating someone a little bigger, but if I have to guess the first digit of your weight then I'm going to assume you're trying to hide reddit bad dating profiles dealbreaker. Even if you succeed in making yourself look smaller than you are, all that means reddit bad dating profiles that if that's an issue for someone, neither of you will realize it until the first date, reddit bad dating profiles is a hell of a lot more awkward.

If a guy doesn't say anything about what he is looking for in a match that isn't appearance-based, I'm out. Use your other head. Highly doubtful you will go on an adventure but want people to think you are a free spirit. That's what prompted this. This guy sent me a message today and he not only had a shirtless selfie as a profile pic, but he didn't even have a good body.

It's like all the grossness of shirtless selfie with the added grossness of beer belly and no body hair grooming. A guy with a hot body holding a surfboard looks fun. A guy with a hot body taking a bathroom selfie just wants a fuck. If you don't want to date someone because they either don't have a car, or it doesn't meet your approval, you strike me as a shallow person. The car one I feel like is ok, except for the whole nice one thing. In many areas not having a car can be a major inconvenience and people without them have a tendency to latch onto and expect a lot of rides from people around them.

Honestly, I wouldn't date someone without a car either. It sounds shitty but I've done it before and it really sucks having to be the one to drive all the time. You start to feel like a chauffeur, they start to hit you up for rides all the time, then their friends start wanting rides, etc. I think it's heavily a location thing as well. Where I live, both major universities offer free year-round bus passes, so I know a ton of young people without cars.

It's not out of the norm to not have a car until you're a college grad at my schoolbecause it's cheaper to use the free bus pass than to pay for gas and parking on a daily basis. I think the height requirement is similar to my repulsion to only dating younger women. Even if I meet the requirement, I'm not interested. I mean, I like tall men. But putting "tall men only" on my dating profile would just be cunty.

I do think that guys who don't date women their own age are a special kind of creepy. I think the age thing is very contextual as long as the difference is reasonable. One was super chill, drove a truck, lived on a farm, chewed tobacco, hunted, and was super independent. Things didn't work out with us, but we're actually pretty good friends to this day.

The other was quite possibly one of the most unpleasant people I've ever met. Her only criteria for "being country" was reddit bad dating profiles she wore RealTree hoodies and cowboy boots. She was really whiny and had that entitled attitude you mentioned. She even complained about the fact I was in university because "real men don't need no schooling, they roll up their sleeves and get to work". I'm pretty sure her country accent was even fake, because she went through intervals where she spoke with a southern twang, and spoke in a regular voice.

Needless to say there was not a second date. I have reddit bad dating profiles southern accent that comes and goes. If I'm drunk, tired, stressed, or if I've just spoken to a southerner, I have a thick accent. Most of the time I don't. That doesn't necessarily mean anything. A lot of people who grow up speaking with a regional accent, then start working in a professional role have to learn a new accent.

From the rest of your description that sounds like an unlikely scenario, but just because someone can swap accents doesn't mean that any of them are affectations. That's a good point! Perhaps I worded my comment poorly, in the way that she was so disingenuous, that I wouldn't have been surprised if her accent had been fake. That's just a fun way reddit bad dating profiles saying that you don't take responsibility for your actions. I love when people quote actresses who committed suicide at 27 like they're great philosophers.

For me it's age range. When a guy has his age range listed as lower than his age Ie, he's 50 and will only date year oldsI'm out. Even if I'm in that age range, I'm out. It's just a bad sign to me.

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