Distance Runner Dating

Maybe at first, dating a runner might not seem like a bright idea. Really, funny dating site status wants to spend the majority of their time with a fitness-obsessed freak who usually wakes up before the sun is out, hands over their hard distanve cash for race entry fees and is probably missing a few toenails? Well, maybe we can convince you to reconsider, because if you can get over the toenail thing really, that's only true for diztance small portion of long-distance runners anywaythen you'll likely find that dating a runner comes along with a pretty long list of sweet perks.

Reasons to Date a Runner. Free online latino dating sites asked my boyfriend to share his perspective. So there you have it; dating a runner means you get a partner who will inspire you to be better, not by badgering you, but simply by being who they are and doing what they love to do.

Runners are dedicated and loyal. There's a reason most runners have been working at their sport for years and years; most people disrance run are loyal to the sport because they're dedicated to getting better every day. If you date a runner, chances are that aspect of their personality carries over to other areas of their life, so you'll find yourself with a loyal and loving partner who's committed to you and your relationship.

You'll travel more often. One thing about running that's fun not only for runners, but also their close companions: If you date a runner, chances are you'll start to travel more, spending quality time with and cheering on your athlete as you follow them to new race locations. Click here to see more reasons to date a urnner. Distance runner dating 20 Best Running Quotes of all Time The Most Important Lesson You'll Learn About Datin Marathon Mom: A Guide to Coping With the Injured Runner in Your Life.

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Why you should never ever date a runner

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