Dating Very Intelligent Woman

She tells it like it is. She could get you out of a third-world prison. Her earnest dedication is a powerful force that can drive her — and you, sometimes — into uncharted, spectacular territory that you would have never encountered without her. Instead, she digs in, works her way through it, and comes out confident and better on the other side. She knows this, you know it, and she knows you know dating very intelligent woman.

No one else is as reliable as her. Instead, she looks to herself for guidance. She looks within and follows what she knows to be true, even if you may not like it sometimes. And you better not, either. You can move on from that question. That insecurity is out of the way for you, and it enables you both to focus on building something amazing flirt dating sites uk a relationship, a life, a business, whatever — together.

Whatever it might be, she establishes the necessary foundation of acceptance and love. In other words, she knows that the short-term gratification of winning an argument is less valuable than the long-term satisfaction that comes with mutual understanding and compromise. What she really needs from you is for you to be secure in yourself, and to support her when she asks for it.

She gets upset for the right reasons, and you know it. She has a consistent stance on what she wants, and can clearly articulate any problem she might be having with you. She wants to work toward a solution on it. Reblogged this on Blind spots and commented: Best pick-me-up for a girl whenever she feels weak, vulnerable and distressed about a relationship, be it a dating very intelligent woman or a romantic one. Reblogged this on Stay Golden and commented: Reblogged this on Krishna's Blog.

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Men May Like The Idea Of A Smart Woman, But They Don't Want To Date One

It's a tough world out there… full of awkward first dates, bad sex and limited chances at orgasms. Because, for all you bright and educated women out there, what you feel is real… intelligent women are more likely to be single. A multifaceted approach can prove rewarding. Whatever it might be, she establishes the necessary foundation of acceptance and love. A beautiful, attractive female isn't desirable for her mind, and those with strong characters are seen as threatening, masculine and undesirable. Something we won't check at baggage claim or give up at customs. Fashion Celebrity Style Interviews Shoes Style Guide Trends Grooming Beards And Shaving Celebrity Grooming Hairstyle Manscaping Skincare. Unfortunately, for women, intelligence many times hinders our travels and keeps us from the promise land.

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