Dating And Chronic Illness Is It Possible

No couple is immune to the hard work that goes into their relationship. Each couple has their own unique obstacles that they have to overcome, their own speed bumps to get over and their own challenges. Each relationship is unique. Then, a couple of years ago, my chronic, daily headaches developed. Two years ago I developed an anaphylactic food allergy.

These health issues present a dating and chronic illness is it possible of challenges that would take up a whole page to list them out. But one that other people may not think about is the challenge of dating as someone with a chronic illness. So I just avoided it. I have been lucky enough to be in a relationship with someone who, even though he may not be able to understand my daily physical pain, tries his hardest to do so and is there for me every step of the way.

He has laid beside me when my migraines have been so awful that it hurt to talk and think. He has rubbed my back while I lay curled in my bed. He has rushed me to the ER and rushed himself to the ER when I found myself there without him. You can imagine that being seen in such states can make you feel incredibly vulnerable. I feel fragile, broken and completely exposed.

Showing that much vulnerability can make your partner sad because they see with their eyes how much you are hurting. It takes a toll on our relationship at times. Pressure to be stronger, more reliable and more flexible than a person who is dating someone who is healthy. I have become short and impatient because I was telling myself that he should be with someone easier and healthier, which results in him growing fearful and frustrated as well.

Love is a two way street. We end up taking and taking, not giving anything back in return. We have to be mindful and remember to give back. Be outwardly and openly thankful. Be verbal about it but also show it through actions and do something small or grand every once in a while to show your partner just how grateful you are. There are numerous challenges that we face when we live with a chronic illness. But if you can make it through the hardships that chronic illness throws your way, you can make it through any of the other relationship speed bumps you may come across.

We want to hear your story. Become a Mighty contributor here. I write about having multiple chronic illnesses. And I talk about sickness in as honest a way as I can. The best way I know how to do all of that is by blogging. A couple of weeks ago my mom fell and broke her leg. So when she fell at 3: Most likely her leg broke due to undiagnosed osteoporosis and she fell as a result. Mom knows I have fibromyalgia. She lives with me, so she sees the good days and the bad.

However there are times, like the past couple of weeks, when the advocacy really requires balancing my own care with hers. So here are three tips for advocating for someone else and managing your own condition. Most hospitals have to have a patient advocate or someone in that role. This will help, especially when fibro fog begins flirt free dating site take hold, to clarify the situation for you and for the patient.

I told her that I was all too familiar with this hospital and medical system refusing to treat my chronic pain and because of that my pain levels are seven to nine every single day, and that I did not want my mother to get into that situation. I asked for her help to ensure that this never happened to another patient again. Attempting to explain what it feels like is a bit difficult because that requires communication — the very thing the sludge in my brain makes so hard!

On the days that are particularly tough I usually describe it as trying to think through mud. Facts and numbers I may have known for years become blurry and I question everything before I say it. I want to be a friend with a comforting word but on the foggy days, I may not be able to find the words I want to use to accurately express my feelings. Talk about a conversation killer! I probably am not able to have a thought, find the words to express it and actually say the words out loud before the topic has changed and what I was going to say is no longer relevant.

The brain fog also causes anxiety. I have had more than one experience when I was unable to communicate with my doctors well enough to let them know exactly what was happening. The way I had to relay the things I did say might not have been very effective and because of that I left without adequate care. That in itself though causes anxiety. The embarrassment of mental slip-ups has become rather common as well. There are texts that I might proofread three times before sending because I see a new typo each time I read it.

Times when I kick myself because I realize what I just said may have come across in a completely different way than I dating and chronic illness is it possible. It affects so many aspects of life in many different ways and has consequences that may reach beyond just a simple forgetful moment. I know them inside out and can recite facts, figures, symptoms and medicines at the drop of the hat. I know my body better than dating and chronic illness is it possible because I have to.

Should you be percent open, honest and blunt or do you drip feed information? I find each person requires their own judgement call. Trying to dating apps revenue 2014 people understand is a tiring, frustrating experience at the best of times. Is this more of a two or a three on the Bristol stool chart? Eventually I got used to the questions. Surely other people have had similar questions, I thought. Basically, a lot of people were taking the tests, but nobody was talking about it.

To spare my dignity lets go with option one — no one is discussing it. It looks like those cardboard boxes that dating and chronic illness is it possible get chips U. No part of the stool can touch the toilet water. I was worried that it would flip over and the sample would fall in or touch the water. It was a high anxiety day and that was the last overwhelming straw. The tupperware lodged into the toilet perfectly, making it impossible for anything to happen to the cardboard box.

Dating with a Chronic Illness Has Helped Me Figure Out Exactly What I Want in a Partner

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