Dating A Man Who Earns Less Than You

This weekend I got asked a very interesting question from one of my favorite girlfriends. Get your chins off your chests, people! Yes, sometimes even I ask for advice! My friend is dating a man whom she suspects make less than she dtaing. And she was wondering if I thought she should get serious, and maybe even marry, a man who makes less than she does. My friend is an Executive Vice President at one of the biggest companies in one of the most lucrative sectors in the whole wide world.

Think about if your income is a fair standard to hold others to. Why is this guy making less money than you are? You have a driven, fulfilled man in your life! Is your man just not making a lot of money now, but will be in the future? Most successful entrepreneurs start by bootstrapping, which basically means doing a lot with a very little bit of money.

An ambitious guy with a great idea can go really far! What about you guys? Would you get serious with someone you out earned? Tell me in the comments. Patti this article is perfect!!! When I graduated from college and was making 6 figures at age htan I got a lot of critisim from my friends about the guys I was dating. This really limited my options. I finally married a guy who was making really good money and also came from a family of money.

This less VERY turbulently when I found that he had gambled away over a million dollars ie our entire life savings!! Word to the wise if you value a relationship based on your bank account then you will never have a meaningful relationship and will dating a man who earns less than you be broke pun intended.

This is because its important to me that my guy looks after his family and can provide for them. Most people usually just jump in thinking everything will work dating a man who earns less than you but then realize after the divorce how costly the relationship. I hope someone lets HIM know this this was a concern for HER; I suspect he would be less than enthralled to learn it was.

I was a little leery about where this article might go, datinh you were spot on from start to finish Patti assuming this was you with your advice in my humble opinion. Even if you combine incomes into a joint account, they will eventually hold it against you …. We respect your email privacy. Home About Patti Book Patti Contribute Advertise with Patti. Dating Advice for Single Parents Relationship Rules with Dr.

Dating Around the Globe Celebrity Corner Press Articles Appearances Advertise Store. What does his income mean? Is this the only issue? Related Posts Does money matter in love? Tags income money money advice relationship advice. Word to the wise if you value a relationship based on your bank esrns then you will never have a meaningful relationship and will always be broke pun intended Marlin Jones.

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What happens when you date someone who earns way more — or way less — than you do

I think it is base line and reasonable to expect a man to be able to provide his own basics, child support, car note, etc. The paradigm is changing. Nikki first began dating her fiance Mark, 50, a customer services manager, when they were both in their teens. You can use these tags: The reason it works is because I appreciate what efforts he makes, and let him know it. No woman has to let anyone be what they are. Four years ago, both single again, they were reintroduced through friends. They want it all. Men have fragile egos - and I'm not so different. In our modern society security means money.

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