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There should be a dating website for depressed people. It's just a fantasy, I know it would probably be unhealthy and impractical. Most of us have wanted a SO to look after us or maybe look after during depression, but for many reasons it may be a toxic relationship. It's just a fun idea. Replace "dating" with "friend making" and I think the idea would be solid.

Lots of the people here are so kind despite suffering from depression. I'd kill to have such a friend IRL. Pickup artists would learn about it and use it as a "hunting ground" for depressed women with low self esteem. It would only serve to make vulnerable people more vulnerable. This is why we can't have nice things. Besides that, while the idea sounds innocent enough, there are too many problems.

Even outside of the PUA idea, the amount of codependency that would develop from relationships formed there would be unhealthy. There also isn't much of a market, since Match and OkCupid already serve as dating sites for the depressed and hopeless if you've used them long enough. Tinder too if you omit the "players" that use it for hookups only. Unfortunately one of my first reactions to this was also the concern over PUAs and thinking that women on such a site would likely be victimized.

Though now that I think about it more, there are some women who've used a similar power dynamic against men, so it would be risky for both sexes, even if probably more commonly so for women. Thing is, unlike depressed guys with low self esteem, depressed women with low self esteem can do just fine on regular dating sites, provided they don't look completely disastrous. They wouldn't even go to this low end dating site because everyone wants better things for themselves.

I still think there is a high possibility of this being a success. Mostly because when we know the person we are going to meet has gone through what we have, we'll know that they can understand if we're anxious or looking dull. This is so relatable. Anxiety has taken over my life so bad this is all of my latest dating experience. I would be worried some people would take advantage of depressed people. But other then that it kinda makes sense actualy. Ehhh dating a depressed person reddit someone who is depressed while you are also depressed isn't super great I think it depends person to person, I ended up marrying someone with MDD just like I have and it really helps they know what it's like.

My partner and I both live with depression, and it can be nice to have someone there who actually understands, without you having to say anything. If they are down at the time then I, someone with depression have to be able to support them. That's the reality I suppose I was fantasising about understanding each other and creating a warm, comfortable space for each other to be depressed in, alone together. Being able to feel each others nothingness.

Well, it's definitely possible to make it work Sometimes it's nice because we both understand what it's like, and I know he isn't going to tell me to "just snap out of it" or to "try smiling more. I dont know about depressed people but if two anxiety sufferers get into a long term relationship, more often than not, they end up shouting more at each other and getting pissed off and frustrated.

Relationships should not EDITed out be based on positive things, because if they negatives made you come together then you need the negatives to stay together. If one of them comes of out of it, and the other does not, it's a one way "burden" relationship and even the depressed one gets more depressed realising that. My partner is not depressed, I am, and I am thankful every day that he is not. So, you can find someone without depression who will "get" you; there just may be a LOT of bumps in the road to get there, which dating a depressed person reddit, of course hard for those with mental illness and their partner.

In the end, for me, it has been worth it. Wait this doesn't make a lot of sense. A "normal" person dating a depressed person is gonna be a one-way emotional relationship. I think that's way less healthy, because the depressed person is gonna probably end up driving the non-depressed person away. And beyond that, a non-depressed person can't support a depressed person They can't understand entirely what you're going through, and even if dating a depressed person reddit are empathetic enough to help you, they're not gonna want to do it ALL THE TIME.

Like if you have a very mild depression that flares up once a year or whatever, you'll probably be ok. They would have no motivation for it. Two depressed people would be able to support each other fine. And if they're having lows at the same time I don't think I'd feel shitty I couldn't support them, I think it'd actually be really nice to have someone to relate to and vice versa. I'm imagining a website where depressed people go during a " energy spike " and are super charming for a day or two then the conversation takes a break for a few weeks until the next spike comes.

How do you deal with bedsore by the way? The site could have a pause button, where no message is sent but the user's status is set to "Paused:


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