Dating Jar Ideas

So we made a date night jar. This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission if you buy any products that have been linked to. We spent hours searching the Dating jar ideas, trying to come up with ideas for our jar. Iideas went here and here. I copied down some of their ideas, which inspired us to come up with our own. Once I found ideas I was happy with, I wrote them down on the popsicle sticks. The first time I did this, I used regular sticks, painted them, wrote on dating jar ideas front, and put glitter glue datihg the back.

This time, I got dyed sticks—WAY dating jar ideas I wrote on both sites. I spray painted the lid with chalkboard paint because it was all I had and put a piece of scrapbook paper on dating jar ideas. I spray painted a piece of paper that I cut into the shape of an oval. Then I wrote on it with a white paint pen. Some people like to pull out a date night jad and then stick to it. Generally what we do it use it as a reminder that there are plenty of things for us to do together.

Then we just do whatever we pull out. Mostly this jar is a reminder that our relationship only stagnates because we let it. Our hope is that this jar will help us get it together when we start to feel that way. Some of these are free and some we have to pay for. But all are done at home. We tried to keep the expense low. These are things we can do for free outside the house.

As the description says, these cost money and require more planning. We also have sticks for holidays! It was definitely pretty simple to make—mostly just waiting on paint to dry. I am going to love this project. The piece of paper I used actually had a sticky back to it. Just make dating jar ideas the paint is made to be used on a glass. I just datingg this idea!

I love this idea. I use a chores jar but never thought about a date jar! Thank dating jar ideas for sharing on ideass. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Watch for your feature datin. You're in the right place! Budget Girl has been rebranded to Tastefully Eclectic and given a new look!

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How to Make a Date Night Jar and Improve Your Relationship. But sometimes monotony gets boring and you want to shake things up a bit. Or maybe you just want a sweet, DIY gift idea. No matter your reason, I have the answer! And you can do it together. Bike ride Hiking Planetarium show Wine tasting Go to the library and read together Cheap or Affordable: These are all relatively cheap things outside of the home that require no planning.

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How to Make a Date Night Jar and Improve Your Relationship

For even MORE decor fun, surprise your neighbors with our Ding-Dong Ditch Doorstep Christmas Surprise! Thanks for linking to Tumbleweed Contessa. Do u Only do these as Gifts or do u sell them as well? Read More Chicken Pot Pie with Crumb Topping February 23, This chicken pot pie has a fun and yummy crumb To make the gift jars in this post, I used the large quart sized 32 oz jars. February 16, at 1: My DH and I are in desperate need of date nights and working on our marriage and this seems so perfect to help out with that. Found objects are great conversation starters , and thrifting can make for a fairly inexpensive date.

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