Dating A Witch

Some girls play sports, such as netball and tennis. Some girls enter the school debating team in the hope of becoming the next human rights advisor to the UN. Some girls like to read and spend their lunch times in the school library under the secret gaze of desperate nerds. And finally, some girls become witches and spend their days casting spells on their friends and family. I ask that you read this article carefully and reread it if necessary.

You could be dating a shapeshifting witch without realising dating a witch. She might already be plotting to destroy your life. You must be vigilant. A witch is a troubled teenaged girl. Deep in the throes of generalised anxiety, she will make a decision that will affect her for the rest of her life — life after dating a borderline help or become a witch.

These girls make the life-altering decision to become witches. You must be wary of witches. She might seem normal and kind. She might even be funny and cheerful. This is the most common spell that witches cast. Some witches are deeply resentful of their dating a witch. After spending yet another night on the scales while her younger sister goes to the movies with Brad, the witch might decide to cast a nasty spell on her.

This spell is called The Flabby Dating a witch and if it is cast effectively, it condemns the target to a life as an overweight dental receptionist. However, if the spell backfires and most of the time it doesthen it condemns the witch to this life. Unfortunately, if this spell is miscast, it will find the nearest male virgin who will show up on dating a witch scooter with a bunch of flowers.

Satanists have always believed that the ability to communicate with animals is a skill mastered only by those whose blood is cursed by magic. Psychology is one of dating a witch 7 Satanic Pillars of Witchcraft along with Blood Magic, Velvet Skull Magic, Dragon Magic, Wizardry, Boyfriend Magic and Chaos Magic. Witches are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

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