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Hello, new to this site and seeking advice and reassurance. Im a divorced 44 year old Libra male and have been seeing a. You are on page 1 2 out of 2. Im a divorced 44 year old Libra dating a capricorn woman forums and have been seeing a dicorced 36 year old Capricorn woman. I have been reading a lot about dating a capricorn woman forums wpmen and have been rrying my best not to feel rejected because she doesnt seem to want to acknowledge feelings, which is difficult for me NOT to do, being a Libra.

We have been seeing each other since early April this year and i love spending time with her. We each also enjoy the company of each others' kidsyet i cant gauge how she feels about me. She just doesnt express it. I like her very much. The fact that she is hanging out with you at all means she likes you. I want to hold her hand but she doesnt seem interested.

I just dont want to miss any signals. Are there things she will do or say that would make me realize she is expressing her feelings towards me? Just give her some time. Don't push her and she will come around. Obviously, she keeps coming around, so that means something. If I don't have feelings or see a future, I'll cut it off as soon as I realize that, so yeah, she's interested.

It takes a LONG time for a cap dating a capricorn woman forums admit their feelings. It took me almost a YEAR to admit feelings to my aqua. Then it took him another six months to admit them back! Just saying, it takes time for capricorns to admit feelings. We may know it a long time before we ever verbally address it, but we're not going to say anyting unless we mean it. So, we will wait until we're sure we mean it. Of course, I can't speak for all. I gotta get outta the habit of saying "we".

OH, and caps show love by actions rather than words. Learn to recognize the actions and the little things like cheeky said! I enjoy reading and after 2 months of dating she bought me a book. That was a big thing, right? Im not in a rush and i greatly enjoy our time together. Im just worried of missing any signs that may be obvious to her but that i cant recognize.

Then, in all seriousness, what can a Libra man offer a Cap woman? What are get expectations of me? Meant to say, what are her expectations of me? I dont understand sun signs and all this. Im new to thus. Can you help me figure this stuff out? Would like to learn. I was married to a Cancer woman for 15 years. Been divorced for 2 years, now find myself captivated by this Cappy. Have never been one for astrology,but want to learn. Posted by zook I dont understand sun signs and all this.

You can go to cafeastrology. You'll need birthday, place of birth and time of birth if possible. Enter in the data and it will give you your chart. Each planet is in a constellation when we are born and each planet placement is an indication of one aspect of personality. The birth chart will give you an explanation of what each planet placement means as far as your personality for lack of better words.

That's the best place to start. There christian speed dating colorado lots of articles explaining it. Just play around on that web site for a while. Posted by zook Then, in all seriousness, what can a Libra man offer a Cap woman? Thank you I've never dated a Libra, so can't really commit on the dynamics.

These traits are of utmost important to me in a relationship though: Make me laugh and you could steal my heart. Ok, have dating a capricorn woman forums on cafe astrology and found the information fascinating My birth chart Sun - Libra Moon - Aqua Dating a capricorn woman forums - Dating aries male Venus - Scorpio Mars - Virgo Jupiter - Scorpio Saturn - Taurus Uranus - Libra Neptune - Scorpio Pluto - Virgo Lilith - Virgo Asc node - Pisces.

The Cap I really like Reverse Order Return to Capricorn Forum. The thing about being an Aquarius with Gem Moon. Watching porn isn't enough when you need intellectual stimulation. Aqua with Gem Moon Men. How do you guys react when you like someone? What kind of woman attracts you? What will it take to get you to commit? When do you notice a Sagittarius doesn't consider your feelings anymore. Dear sagg me and my boyfriend often have fights about things we both don't do and it ends up dating a capricorn woman forums a power struggle not from my side.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and i say things straight up. I am the kinda person that will walk around with certain thing. SCORPIOS EVOVLING AFTER EACH TRAGEDY. This is just a rant but I would like all the chime in whether your Scorpio sun, moon, mars, Venus, Pluto etc I've noticed everytime something tragic or detrimental happened in my life I evolved and got to higher place in my life, and the more I evol. Pisces risings, how do you deal with your biggest weaknesses? To all the pisces risings, what are your biggest weaknesses and how do you cope?

Even though I'm a Scorpio sun my pisces rising I feel hinders my full potential at times and I can be extremely emotionally dating a capricorn woman forums. I am strong willed but I feel weak will. Is there a one that got away for you? Chill Music Thread Headphones Recommended. Please inset anything mellow, deep, dark, trippy, or intellectual here. It could be anything that opens your mind in a weird way, or makes your creativity run wild.

Aquarius Men That BLOCK You. My Aqua man just blocked me from his phone. I think he is mad at me for not 'being there' for him. He is so self-centered. While he was going through something, I was too. It was such a coi. Signs You don't trust for Long term Potential. LEO is first and foremost on my list Aquas don't like don't trust as a whole Libras Am I becoming too clingy? Should I hold back? Been seeing this guy who i met from internet for a month and just things going real great, like we keep seeing each other at least once a week.

And recently his mom is in town for 2 weeks, then his friend will be in town for 2 weeks as well staying at his. It really bothers me so I need to vent. I've known my Bull 16 yrs and I'm having to talk to him about it again. I don't understand why he finds it so hard to say what's going on. Not in detail but simply to say Will call back, can't talk right now, I'.

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Im new to thus. Ok, have been on cafe astrology and found the information fascinating I've known my Bull 16 yrs and I'm having to talk to him about it again. Forgot your password or username? I've coined a new term for it. A lot of opinions seem to be favourable with scorpio but as for me.. Won't even entertain that idea anymore. When a person mess me over I cut them off before they

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