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Pisces is just a bit too suffocating. Anyway signs that would likely get suffocated would deffinately be Geminis me. As far as air signs go, I think Libras would enjoy the clingyness. Aqua mmm not too sure but they would deffinately pull big dissapearing acts with someone clingy! Like, having a pisces sun and an aquarius moon makes you less clingy than an aquarius with a dating a cancer man yahoo answers moon! Posted by LovelyScorp I would never put clingy and capricorn in the same sentence let alone use it as an adjective to describe them.

Capricorns I wouldn't say are clingy but they are definitely possessive. My ex and I didn't go anywhere without each other and if I exercised any type of free spirit, like wanting walk somewhere alone or something he would get upset. I wouldn't say clingy but definitely like a ownership type thing. Cancers are clingy, not sure about a Pisces. I'm a gemini with a cancer moon and i suffocate too easily, anything more than neccessary contact, i want to throw up Caps I wouldn't call them selfish, I think some of them learn really hard from 1 thing.

My ex Cap lent a cousin some money, never got it back, so from then on, anybody who wanted money from him he never lent. They aren't selfish but they are self-centered. He spent PLENTY of money on me, he spoils his women. But they not just gonna do it willy nilly. My Cap ex was very possessive and I have had that experience with another Cap I dated for 6 months and my friend who is Aries left her husband who was Cap bc of that.

They don't show it and you will never think they are like that but yes they are. And they are jealous too, dont dare flirt with another man or wear something too revealing. Big turn offs for Caps. AND Gemini's are free birds, try to cage them, they will just run even faster, they need that space. Posted by LovelyScorp Sag's are free birds too.

O I don't do the revealing thing, I'm a bit conservative, so I'll be safe there Jealous, I can see that, but it seems to be subtle and almost "punishing" for bad behaviour with words. OMG they are very punishing. I used to call it revengeful or passive agressive in their reproach. Oh so very subtle with it and unassuming but you will never know that action pissed them off until they make a comment about it like a week later.

Its like damm why didnt say that when it actually occured. Its like they sit an stew with it. Actually I was shocked to know how mistrustful they get. Once I went to take a shower while my cap was there. So an hour after my shower I checked my voicemail. To my suprise, my Cap checked my voicemail bc my phone tells me when someone checks my voicemail but enter an incorrect pass code.

I was floored to say the least. They are insecure and dont trust easy. They want a freak in the sheets but a lady in the streets. Oh btw, my Cap would tell me he didnt mind muslim women who just like me the barka or whatever that long black sheet thing they wear to cover their whole body bc it showed their commitment to their husband. The user who posted this message has hidden it. This was just asked on yahoo answers and actually the number one answer was Libra.

The guy even stayed home from school one day just dating a cancer man yahoo answers he could dating a cancer man yahoo answers about his girlfriend. Who was your most CLINGY Partner, and what was theit Sun SIGN? I DIDNT GO TO SCHOOL TODAY BECAUSE I WANTED TO STAY HOME AND THINK ABOUT YOU???? I think Libra, Cancer men, and Virgo men. Must be something about a Cancer to make Virgo men that way then. Posted by TasteOfChaos Posted by prettyladii This was just asked on yahoo answers and actually the number one answer was Libra.

Omg hahahaha and get off yahoo answers, loser! Posted by nothingswrong I never saw Taurus as clingy. The thing about being an Aquarius with Gem Moon. Watching porn isn't enough when you need intellectual stimulation. Aqua with Gem Moon Men. How do you guys react when you like someone? What kind of woman attracts you? What will it take to get you to commit? When do you notice a Sagittarius doesn't consider your feelings anymore. Dear sagg me and my boyfriend often have fights about things we both don't do and it ends up being a power struggle not from my side.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and i say things straight up. I am the kinda person that will walk around with certain thing. Related Interests sagittarius man libra and sagittarius leo and sagittarius sagittarius saturn cancer and sagittarius. SCORPIOS EVOVLING AFTER EACH TRAGEDY. This is just a rant but I would like all the chime in whether your Scorpio sun, moon, mars, Venus, Pluto etc I've noticed everytime something tragic or detrimental happened in my life I evolved and got to higher place in my life, and the more I evol.

Pisces risings, how do you deal with your biggest weaknesses? To all the pisces risings, what are your biggest weaknesses and how do you cope? Even though I'm a Scorpio sun my pisces dating a cancer man yahoo answers I feel hinders my full potential at times and I can be extremely emotionally sensitive.

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Or will I need to be patient and or be the one to ask? Any women out there dating a cancer man My friend's cancer man is probably an extreme example of his sign, but moodiness and changeability is part of the typical cancerian nature and so I think anyone involved with a cancerian needs to find strategies to cope with this if the relationship is to work. Both want to settle down; they claim to be monogamous, and instinctively sense the other's emotions. Any women out there dating a cancer man with the same problems and how did you deal with it? You're very sensual and sensitive. Cancer Man And Sagittarius Woman.

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