I Think Im Dating A Drug Dealer

I think im dating a drug dealer most of the time I am just too fucked up. During the week -- Monday through Friday, from 9am-5pm -- I am your typical corporate worker at a cool company, where I've been totally successful. I go into an office, read my emails, play with some numbers, go to some meetings, shut off my computer, and go home. This is Identity 1. The hours after work, of course, are when Identity 2 comes out. I mean that not in the sense that my selfhood is bound up in him, the man we're equals!

Sure, I admit it. We party a lot. He is a coke dealer. I mean, come on! It would be easier, yes, to not go full throttle, but be easy to just go out and have a little fun — enjoy just a few of the best perks of dating a dealer: And I do have a great time doing those things. From the minute you start dating a drug dealer you instantly i think im dating a drug dealer about new friends.

Except that within 5 minutes of meeting you, coked-up strangers are pouring -- jabbering -- i think im dating a drug dealer hearts out -- along with, of course, their deepest, darkest secrets. It's gay speed dating baltimore it's awkward; it's both -- and the ending of the initial conversation is always the same: Wanna take a trip to the bathroom? Yup, being the girlfriend of a coke dealer means constantly being around people on drugs and who want more drugs.

That's the forcefield my boyfriend and I, as his partner, live in days a year. Coke fixation is bad energy. It's needy, greedy, whiny, agitated, uncomfortable, entitled, desperate, sometimes straight-up tacky. People wanting and wanting and wanting more and more and more. The bargaining, the begging, the bumming of bumps off keys. The bickering about who put in how much money for what. The slurring drunk dudes who refuse to take no for an answer, the spoiled pillhead blonde pleading for you to accept a personal check.

The agitation when money's run out or a bag is lost. The strung-out energy surrounding you always -- and not just you, around your coupledom, around your relationship. Or at least I did. You avoid the masses with drugs -- do enough so that all you see when someone is blabbering on to you is lips moving and all you hear is a faint buzz. No more hassle, no more life-changing conversations: Well, easy until you have extended amounts of time off work: That's when the binges start.

One rooftop party here, a week of CMJ there, a few block parties. Then, after a week or so of sleeping an hour a night, you end up -- once again -- on another rooftop for afterhours, lm you do one line too many and your body just tells you, "NO. Hello, new friends that I just puked on! I am officially more uncomfortable around you than ever. Or what about daging day of drinking poolside that just went on too long with no escape?

Everything was going swimmingly until you walked into the sidewalk. Hello gaping hole in knee! Hello weird stares from coworkers the next day! Sometimes it just has to come out on the boyfriend himself, who will try in drugg to get my completely blitzed self to go home Hello new cameras in the lobby of my apartment building the next morning -- the fresh shattered glass still scattered on the second floor!

Apparently it's become too much for him as well because he's begun mixing his own party favors with a little too much booze. Pair the two substances with a really late night or should I say early morning? It started innocently enough, with him coming home and u in his sleep, or freakishly jerking out of a bad dream. But then his subconscious wanted dzting. Then his accidents quickly moved on to the more refined coffee table or one of our bookcases. So what makes me keep coming back to rdug dude?

So in order to be able to afford simple luxuries such i think im dating a drug dealer drinking too much at brunch or buying that extra lamp at the local flea market, he sells drugs. Maybe everyone else is just hanging on, trying to make ends meet. Or maybe everyone is really thik to pack a brown bag lunch and stare at their computer screen as a way to make an earnest living. Skip to main content. Find Us On Instagram. Find Us On Facebook. IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Boyfriend Is A Coke Dealer When your boyfriend sells drugs for a living, it's not always easy.

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Her Story: Inside the Life of A Drug Dealer’s Girlfriend

A couple of years ago, my cousin had been dating her highschool boyfriend again, after shortly getting out of an abusive marriage to an Iraq vet. Those black, hollow and bleak sunken in eyes. Excellent insight that I think many can relate to. It was a public bus. I should know, this sounds a lot like me when I was I Dated Someone Who Turned Out to Be Crazy. And now, to this day, I still feel duped.

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