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Thirty-five years ago, inteeracial New York Times published an article about Ian Whitely and his wife Sherrinwho lived in the then-nothern Transvaal. Their love story made international news because it was sanctioned by then-prime minister P. Botha himself and had found its way past the strict race datimg of the time.

Ian Whitely was white, Sherrin Whitely was Indian. At the time, their relationship violated at least interracial dating huffington post laws: In the Whitelys were the poster couple for "changing racial attitudes", reporter Joseph Lelyveld said, and their story showed that a "good love story can occasionally have more force that a cold statute It took interraciql Whitelys a reported 15 years to get to a government-sanctioned state of marital bliss.

After marrying in Botswana they moved to Norway and then the United Kingdom thanks to pist United Nations' refugee program. Longing for home, Ian "offered to be reclassified as nonwhite" so that he and Sherrin would be interrscial to live together in South Africa. The prime minister said in a letter that he "regretted" Whitley could not reclassify himself as he was "obviously white", but that he and Sherrin would be able to return home on their South African passports and live without fear of persecution or prosecution.

Things have changed a lot in the 50 years since the Whiteleys first met. Today, government cares considerably less about who you love, regardless of their race or gender, which works out for interracial couples like Pippa Tshabalala, who is white. The couple met and started dating a month after the elections. They've been married for huffiington of those years and have two sons.

Without skipping a beat, upon introducing him, the birthday girl's sister told the couple exactly how she felt about their relationship. Jones said these comments have been incredibly hurtful and often put her in a difficult position -— feeling stuck between the people she has known her, her whole life and the partner she loved. Having people constantly point out their differences was tough. For others it's not always so blatant. They've never experienced outright discrimination for being in an interracial relationship, but even the most subtle comments can be inherracial to ignore.

This has happened with a former partner, who is also black, and it is usually so that my partner can hear, rather than to get a response from me. People also don't realise that I understand some isiZulu or SeSotho, and often can understand what they're saying". Naidoo interracial dating huffington post addressing these powt isn't always worth the engagement. Confronting interdacial on them saying 'She thinks she's better than poost or 'You see what they do?

Brushing it off is the only way to manage, Naidoo said, but eating always conscious of how others see them. But we datlng check in with each other on it, just so we are datingg aware online dating for big guys what is happening," she said. For Tshabalala and her husband, there has been support for their relationship right from the start —- even in the face of some resistance. Sekwa's family is quite mixed, so it was never an issue for them.

My mum was more concerned about the age difference huffingtoj us," she says. When they met, in high school, Pippa was 13 and Sekwa She believes their ages are what worked to their advantage. It's possible that intreracial people had a problem than we realised, but we were oblivious to it. As we got older, I started noticing more if people were staring," Tshabalala said. In raising their sons, Tshabalala is aware that the innocence of age may soon be replaced by exposure to the world.

Their eldest son is five years old and just started Grade Interracial dating huffington post at a school in Sandton. Even so, the fact that their marriage is interracial is not the focus for the Tshabalalas and it's evident in Pippa's lighthearted approach to their differences and the way they unsettle other people - like being a white woman with the surname Tshabalala. They see my name and are shocked when they meet me," she says laughing. It's a difficult reality to navigate, whether exposed to blatant discrimination or microaggressive treatment.

Interracial dating huffington post, unlike the Whitelys, it doesn't take a sanctioned nod from the president to be able to love who you do, social pressures can sometimes be too much to handle. Interracial dating huffington post after South Africa embraced an inclusive society on paper, it's mindsets that need to change rather than legislation. February interracial dating huffington post the month of love.

At the Huffington Post South Africa, we take a look at how South Africans are finding and holding on to love. Author Shubnum Khan tells us about how cross-border romances are made or broken, interracial dating huffington post journalist Nafisa Akabor looks at how social media replaced your meet-cute and lifestyle editor Sarah Koopman has some datijg on how to get away from that tired old dinner-and-a-movie datign. Find them all interracial dating huffington post more hereor try these.

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