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Last updated on January 4th, by Aet Suvari. First off thanks for giving up some of your time to talk about what you do and the opportunity to showcase your work. We love that your online dating portrait photos are able to convey so much about each individual, from their personality and attitude to their style and posture. I always try and meet my clients for a coffee before the day or at the very least just before the shoot so that we have a chance to get to know each other without a big camera coming between us.

I then ask lots of questions and get them to open up about where they live, what they do, their dating history, what interests they have etc so that I can start to build a picture of them in my head. Some internet dating photographers london may have a vision of the kind of images they want so we spend some time talking through that.

I also talk them internet dating photographers london how I work so that they know what to expect on the shoot. To answer your question I would say that after the first 15 minutes most clients start to relax and really enjoy themselves. I make it my priority to try and get them as relaxed as possible and aim to have us both laughing quite quickly into a shoot.

How did you make the make the leap into online dating portrait photography and what do you enjoy most about it? Before I became a pro photographer, I started off doing model lookbooks for free to gain experience working with real people I have a whole series of work starring gorgeous shop mannequins believe it or not. I enjoyed it so much I knew I wanted to start a business as a portrait photographer.

I read loads about starting up in business and one of the things that stuck in my head was the need to identify your USP or niche. I decided that this seemed like a good opportunity to put all my years of online dating to good use. Most dating sites advise people to post photos of themselves smiling yet quite a few of your photos show more reflective moods. He became more real to me. Do you see people making the same kind of mistakes choosing photos for their online dating profile?

Online dating sites are full of blurry, poorly lit photos with lots of background noise and often more than one person in the picture. Or you still see those terrible bathroom selfies. I could go on. What advice would you give someone wanting to put the best possible pictures on their dating profile? No seriously, find some good internet dating photographers london photos, which are in focus, well-lit and make you look attractive and happy. Get them to snap you doing something you enjoy if all else fails.

Your website mentions you spotted your boyfriend on Guardian Soulmates congrats! It was a long old journey to finding love but I made it. What helped me through was that I made the decision to make it an enjoyable, light-hearted experience. So even when things went wrong I saw the funny side and used to entertain my friends and family with all my stories. I still laugh to myself about some of the dates I went on.

I internet dating photographers london met some great people though and am still friends on Facebook with some of them. Saying that, there are internet dating photographers london that I would cross the street to avoid if I saw them coming lol. Oh man, I am inspired by so many photographers. But my current favourites are Ali MittonEllen Von UnwerthCass Bird total girl crush on her and Bella Howard. I also love Nick Onken if I had to name a guy, lol.

For the camera geeks among us — what equipment do you use on your portrait shoots? I use the 50mm 1. I also have a zoom lens 17mm — 50mma reflector and a Speedlite EXll. I shoot behind the scenes stuff on my iPhone. Email me at saskia saturdaynightsalright. Aet Suvari has been reviewing and writing about the world of online dating since and the launch of Online Dating Help. A stickler for promoting ethical practices within the UK dating industry she champions the sites that get it right while highlighting those holding it back.

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Probably will also attract more intelligent types too. When you share photos on your dating profile, the background in your photo can impact people both positively and negatively, depending on your surroundings. I went a bit gooey over the message from a very gorgeous Rob, 38, who flattered me with: How much of a difference does it make if a photo is a selfie or taken by another person? What advice would you give someone wanting to put the best possible pictures on their dating profile? I could go on.

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