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So I'm considering running one at Shutocon Yay Michiganders but before I send in sacanime speed dating request I want to figure out how exactly I want to run it - how it's organized etc and OF COURSE I wanted to get some opinions on what my fellow cosplayers HINT - That's YOU thought about this and if sacanime speed dating how you would want to see one run if you were to attend I'm still looking up online suggestions, but I'm thinking running 2 panels - The first being like a suggestions for the speed dating, and then the actual event.

Hrmm well my advice would be not to try to split it for two panels. Maybe have a little intro and "how to" portion before at the same panel? That seems a lot more realistic sounding to me, and it can't be too difficult to explain. I think with a 5 to 10 minute talking, people would understand. Personally, I think this sacanime speed dating be limited to attendees over 18, sacanime speed dating the least. Otherwise, you're opening the door to all kinds of problems such as minors getting taken advantage of, made uncomfortable, angry parents, et cetera.

There are smart and mature people under 18 and naive ones with poor judgement over No system is perfect, but an age limit will at least cross out the sacanime speed dating "statutory" and leave people to make their own good or poor choices as adults. Kelley Profile Photo Gallery Sacanime speed dating List Find More Posts by Kelley. They've done those at cons I've been to, but they were always first thing on Friday, which I thought was not good timing to let the bulk of people who might want to come be there.

Apparently people that went had fun. I figured I'd still be twice the sacanime speed dating of the average person there, so I didn't make an effort to get there early for it. Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit Gijinka. I can't say for a speed dating panel, but the dating auction I was in held a panel afterward for hanging out with your "date". Maybe something like that after your speed dating to give a sort of place to hang with the people they took a shining to?

Nannyogg- I've felt the same way, while I think I'm a bit shy of your age. I also don't get why they would hold the speed dating so early unless it was just for fear of getting way too many people. I did get sacanime speed dating pleasant surprise at the outcome of the auction though. I'm certain I had the costume to thank for that.

Tier 2 rogue WoW Red Transistor -? Nene Bubblegum Crisis -eventually? Pocketfightr Profile Photo Gallery Costume List Find More Posts by Pocketfightr. My Con has three speed dating panels. One sacanime speed dating under 18, one for over 18 and one for Lesbians and Gays. They're all really popular and fun. I only went once with a girlfriend of mine and we just messed around, nothing serious. ShinyDrifloon Profile Photo Gallery ShinyDrifloon's homepage Find More Posts by ShinyDrifloon. One of the cons I went to, not necessarily as centric as the ones this board focuses on, has had speed dating, straight, gay, lesbian with a minimum age of 18 required.

It filled quickly and was on friday which is rather peculiar when you consider the demographics you would attract at the time frame sacanime speed dating was set up with, which perhaps were largely focused on either the college folk or the un der employed. Surveys to be filled beforehand would be also a great idea to group people in the bracket in which they wish to meet. Those seeking to date older would mingle with those who wish to date younger, probably within the traditional 4 year limit.

Those who are indifferent get placed with people of the same age bracket. If there aren't enough to fill in a specific bracket, you probably could just throw them a drink social or lump sacanime speed dating all at a table free for all. Oh and try not to get too lost in the logistical nightmare that it potentially poses. Gilgamesh [Fate Series] Kayle - The Judicator [League of Legends] Sagitarrius Aiolis [Saint Seiya] Genji [Overwatch - Ocre] 9S [Nier] Geralt [Witcher 3 - Wolven].

DarkCloudInc Profile Photo Gallery Costume List Find More Posts by DarkCloudInc. I recommend supervising the contenders behavior and make sure there aren't any creepy people in the mix. And being organized and keeping it fun and light always helps. I remember this panel at Taiyou-conafter seeing the lack of contenders and how fishy it seemed Last edited by Gummibar: Gummibar Profile Photo Gallery Costume List Gummibar's homepage Find More Posts by Gummibar.

Kinda wish they had speed dating for teens too. Lulexiaa Profile Photo Gallery Costume List Lulexiaa's homepage Find More Posts by Lulexiaa. I'm not sure how I feel about dating panels or so But an age limit I saw on past ones were ARIADecember Profile Photo Gallery Costume List Find More Posts by ARIADecember. Although 17 is pushing it and you should really sperate 14 year olds from 17 year olds. The age difference MATTERS here anyway, dating panels seem fun but screen the members beforehand.

And i would enlist help for this. Originally Posted by tarinalove. Axelai Profile Photo Gallery Costume List Find More Posts by Axelai. I've been to cons that have speed dating. A lot of guys had to get turned away. KittytheSheGeek [ C O S P L A Y ] My anti-drug. KittytheSheGeek Profile Photo Gallery Costume List Find More Posts by KittytheSheGeek. Perhaps have some prepared questions that people can use that will allow people to learn more about others that isn't a certain fandom.

Also, if it's not to big, maybe have a sign in sheet with online nickname, or preferred contact method though this would probably only work if the person is cosplaying a certain characterso sacanime speed dating if someone didn't get a person's name or contact info, sacanime speed dating can contact the one leading the panel.

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