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Click here to go to our main website. What do you think? Would there be much of a demand for it? Thanks for your replies. Well, since I'm a newbie, my opinion doesn't really count on this topic right now, but I'm always willing to put my 2-cents stepp. Speaking from the standpoint of a single woman, I think a step dating service is a good idea.

I know that down the road when I will be more interested in getting back into the dating world, I will definitely only want to get involved with a non-drinker. When recvoery think about at all the ways that singles typically meet; work, through friends and family, other online dating sites, and the infamous bar scene For me to stay sober, I know 12 step recovery dating sites I wouldn't ever want to have a a dating or romantic relationship with a drinker again It would also be comforting for me to know that if I were to become involved with a fellow recovering alcoholic that he would understands the struggles and the work involved in living sober and it seems like having a partner in the program would sitea it so much better than working the program on your own!

Well, that's my viewpoint and I'm stickin' to it! It is sort of like fantasy dating for me and that is a no-no for me. One thing I know for sure is that I don't know anything. I guess I'm trying to say is sfep I have heard some people say that they have used dating sites and things turned out great. I have others say it didn't sitfs out so well. I've met a few relationships f2f and it didn't turn out so good either, so I sure can't advise anyone on that score. I can tell people what NOT to do After I got up off the floor from laughing 12 step recovery dating sites hard - really.

I mean does this idea of a step dating site sound like wtep "sane" idea? Lord have mercy, I'm deathly afraid of what kinds of crazy issues will come out of it. I mean this could be downright dangerous. How many lead stories have you heard where an ex-husband moves in with the ex-wife and her new boyfriend because the probation department needed the ex-husband to have some kind of "responsible" person without a criminal record vouch for him. Lordy all the stories of ex-wives and husbands and new husbands and wives, sitea boyfriends and girlfriends gecovery together and comparing notes - then they get together and play cards on Friday nights.

Really - I'm not lying - I've heard these stories and more. What I'm saying is that it seems like our lives as 12 step recovery dating sites are definietly good examples of "personal adventures before and after". Heck I even shared my own personal adventure which is one of those crazy relationship things. But you know my friends, I am willing to go to any length to get what you have, but there might be some things you have that I might not be all that happy to get.

Wait a minute, now that really sounds bad I think this one will have to go to "committee". Maybe some night when I suddenly wake up at 3: I'm sure there is someone already taking notes! I wasn't referring to a 12 Step Swingers site. Hey, they have personal ads in classifieds, AOL, Yahoo, Match, Craigs List, eHarmony, just to name a few of the thousands of sites that are set up to help a single person connect with wites single person that has reccovery interests.

Do you not drink and not use drugs? At the 12 Step Sitea, I did meet other 12 Steppers and sometimes we recoveru date -- and it turned out really great, because of etep similar interests in life. I would much rather go see a movie or a concert, or a ball game, or a play, or on a date with someone else sitrs had solid recovery 12 step recovery dating sites.

However, my eyes are trained not to look for or at others 12 step recovery dating sites "prospective dates" in A. For me, that's taboo. At convention dances, I'm there to have a good time but not to take it serious like a dance partner might be 12 step recovery dating sites potential date or something. Sitws, many of them recvery married or in relationships, and they, too, are just dancing for the fun of dancing wtep having a good time I guess etep person could put a personal ad on a personals site and mention that they are 12 Steppers and prefer to meet and date other 12 Steppers, but that one profile might be buried inother profiles.

Why not make it easy for 12 Steppers to find other 12 Steppers that are interested in dating? Just my thoughts about it. I recoverj thinking, it really 12 step recovery dating sites as much validity as E-Harmony, and other dating sites. Recoveryingmates is one of the recovery singles sites. There are a few others I too have gone to dances in recovery, 12 step recovery dating sites probably will go again at some point.

One of the most important things for me at this point, is to be very sure that anyone I date IS definintely working a solid program. That's one of the problems I've had since being sober I don't want to go that route again. I have to say, some will use the site as xtep swingers site and some wont I think it's worth checking into for you starting Dallas. And good luck if you do decide to do it. There is where I go to get help and not date.

Out 1 they call non steppers earth people and I have been visiting the hardware stores and churches and nothing. So maybe a 12 step dating site might be good. The joke out here is. How can you tell when two alcoholics are on there second date? One has a moving van in the drive way. I guess it would have to steep tried. I have been divorced for four years now and I work two jobs to take care of st louis dating events home which i own and my 9 year old son.

A friend of mine suggested an online dating site and after a few losers I really found the love of my life. The key was to find someone who "gets" you All posts 1 day 7 days 12 step recovery dating sites weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: Author Post time Subject Direction: Who is online Users browsing this forum:

12 Step Recovery

The first book written to cover the 12 step program was titled "Alcoholics Anonymous", affectionately known as the Big Book by program members. Create your own FREE dating profile, and add your photos! How does watching porn affect you? If you do not agree to this Agreement, please do not register with this Site or otherwise access or use this Site. In today's world, it may seem that there are no reasons why women cheat.

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