When Your Daughter Is Dating A Jerk

Password About Us Register FAQ Members List Calendar Today's Posts Search. My daughter is dating a guy who is a bad influence. Ever since she started dating him her grades have dropped, she's not even hanging out with her regular friends anymore, she's started smoking and drinking, she doesnt spend the night here that much anymore, and she's skipping school, i also wouldnt be surprised if she was doing drugs.

LonelyStarlet View Public Profile Send a private message to LonelyStarlet Find More Posts by LonelyStarlet. Ted 22Samantha 21Lupan 20Megan 19Cole 12Vanna 9Aiden 6Kailyn 3 years. There really isn't a lot you can do, yes she lives at home but you are right that if you confront her she will move in with him and then were would her life be? Keep communication open at all times, let her know that she can do better and that she deserves better.

Be careful not to make him out to be a monster cause frankly the only thing that bothered me about the post is the pot and his age. Originally Posted by LonelyStarlet. Find More Posts witty dating jokes parentastic. One thing that might help you is to focus on is the specific things that when your daughter is dating a jerk be harmful to your daughter such as drug use, neglect of friends, that quote you posted, and giving up money.

Other issues such as tattoos, long hair, not having gone to college, legal drinking - are those which may not sit well with you but don't actually make this guy a bad person. By mixing them, when you talk about this guy, you potentially send your daughter mixed messages. For example, if you tell her not to give him a chance because he has tattoos, her reaction will be that tattoos don't make a person bad and that you don't have any idea what you're talking about and she'll stop listening to you.

On the other hand, if you ask her to tell you what it is about this guy she likes, she may open up a little more. Choppy View Public Profile Send a private message to Choppy Find More Posts by Choppy. TabascoNatalie View Public Profile Send a private message to TabascoNatalie Find More Posts by TabascoNatalie. Mat View Public Profile Send a private message to Mat Find More Posts by Mat That is not good. Here is my advice from a teenager's point of view. Okay, who are her best friends that are girls?

Are any of them sensible? I am every parent's favorite kid in that I keep my friends in order, and I shoot any guy that I consider to be bad for my friends and therefore I keep the guy away from them. Teenagers often rely when your daughter is dating a jerk their friends opinion. If your daughter has a friend that is cool like this, you might want to just talk to her and see if she can do much.

Don't be direct though, because teenager friends NEVER talk to parents about their friends due to the fact that they don't want to bust their BFF, but you might be able to just act clueless about it so she feels okay with saying something. You can try fishing by acting like you already know without giving much details.

There might be issues in the relationship already, because this guy sounds like a really bad one. Do you have a computer that your daughter uses? If so, put something on it so you can record where your daughter goes. If she is having doubts, she would turn to the internet for guidance like many teenagers do. I would say try to see if he has criminal record, which he probably does, but you most likely would get one enraged daughter if you showed it to her.

Some kids just really get mad at everything their parents say because of an old grudge or just because they feel their parents don't understand. I have to warn you that if you let your teen continue down this road you will probably end up with a troubled person. There is a really big age difference in this relationship, he is clearly not going to support her, and I bet he will get her pregnant Sorry to say. If you really want to scare your teen, you can try calling the police saying you suspect drugs or even talk to a social worker, because many of the families they work with started on the road like your daughter did.

The social worker could maybe say some horror stories of where she is heading. I remember when my friends and I almost got busted for trespassing in an abandoned house. We freaked out when your daughter is dating a jerk we thought we were going to Juvie because someone called the police. Needless to say, I now stay totally away from properties that I'm not allowed on and will continue to my whole life.

Remember this, your teenager is mentally impaired. Every teenager is in that their brain is weirdest dating site photos developed. Things you can do a teenager can't. We rely on the more impulsive part of brain and lack the reasoning part. It is a really far jump. The pool isn't that deep. Try to be very not judgmental but still be strict.

I know that with my mom I really liked it when she wouldn't make me feel guilty, and that I couldn't talk with her. Even though, I must admit that by her guilt methods she kept me away from guys until about 14 years old then it started to backfire on her, so she opened up a little more. By the way, don't be afraid to ground her and take away privellages. She lives under your roof, so it is your rules, and if she does when your daughter is dating a jerk out your car without you asking then you can call the police.

That would be the perfect scare because there is not that much trouble in it. There is no word that can describe them all. Maratila View Public Profile Send a private message to Maratila Find More Posts by Maratila. I dont think there is much you can do. Crack down and she will rebel more. Id personally encourage her to focus on her schoolwork "youre nearly there, just push through the semester and then its party time" and ignore the existence of her boyfriend.

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