What Is It Like Dating A Cuban Man

I have been dating a Cuban-american. I really like him but I see red flags here and there. Some of his behavior seems closer to that of a Cuban in Cuba even though he has been in USA for more than ten years. Is it possible that some of the values and attitudes from the tough times in Cuba are still entrenched on him? It's like his mind is constantly working on a plan to serve his immediate needs.

I am worried that he might still have a "jinetero" mentality after all these years and that he might be using me to get ahead. Is this just him and his own flaws or can we say there is a pattern on Cuban exiles that I should watch out for? Comments by Vic webmaster The jinetero's are only a small part of the Cubans, who have contact with the foreigners. The ordinary Cubans all have a "negocio" a business everybody is selling something to another to survive.

The tricks and defrauding of the tourists is the same among Cubans. Among Cubans, cheating is not called jineterism but "negocio" doing business. Everybody is selling to everybody it's a survival reflex. This reflex is deeply embedded in the Cuban mentality and has historical roots. A second fact, due to their political system, Cubans are used to the fact that everything is free because, their healthcare, education etc.

A growing mentality among the young Cubans is, why should I work for 10 or 20 dollar per month, when I can earn each day dollars on the streets. There is a what is it like dating a cuban man and growing group of broken families. A partner for a lifetime is the exception, three or more im dating a guy with herpes in your life the rule.

All this to say, maybe your "Cuban American" does not know what "real work" is, has never seen a "real family life", education is not only going to school, but also an inspiring family life, values and attitudes in life. I think you can't blame him for this behavior, it's deeply entrenched in the Cuban nature. Of course there are exceptions, Cubans are intelligent people, but I guess that changing the character of your "Cuban American" will not be that easy.

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Jun 21, Rating liars,liars NEW by: Anonymous I dated a Cuban guy who had been in the USA for a long time, I was warned about dating Cuban guys but I decided not to judge and dated a guy for 6 what is it like dating a cuban man, Biiiiig mistake, for once he was a big liar, from beginning to end I always had that" Gut feeling" but I always gave him the benefit of the doubt, he was very sleek and was always ahead of me " or he thought he was " he would always come up with this very elaborate stories to cover up his lies, I always thought to myself keep lying I will, sooner or later catch you.

Sure enough after telling me he went out of town with his male friends to help them on a house project, caught him on his last lie and was able to prove to him by finding his airline ticket to a totally different place, after confronting him he could not lie anymore. Left him right there and then. Needles to say I am heart broken but I will survive, and this experience has made me stronger.

Remember what does not kills you it makes you stronger. Jun 21, Rating Cuban man big liars. Anonymous Dated a 77 year old Cuban man for 6 months he had been in USA for at least 35 years, everything I had heard about Cubans is true with my ex-guy, he is a lair,dated multiple ladies when he had assured Me we were being "exclusive",made up extensive stories to cover up is lies, never introduced me to his children, very loyal to friends but not to me, however, best lover I ever had, but I do love and respect myself more than I ever would love a Man, Cuban or Not.

Cuban-american men: values and attitudes

Cuban men are usually good about buying you gifts, they are extremely good in bed, they like to show that they are in charge but at home they NEED their womans support and they are not afraid to let people know that the woman is the the one in charge, but lonce they know that you respect him. Filed under Americans in cuba , Cuban customs , Cuban idiosyncracies , Cuban phrases , cuban words without translation , Expat life , health system , Living Abroad , Relationships , Travel to Cuba. In America, guys wolf-whistle. I always laugh a sigh when I tell a Cuban friend someone is setting off my Gaydar and they respond: They take a taxi back to his room where she spends the night provided she can get past the concierge. He was a liar, a cheat, but when he was sweet my GAD he was SWEET! With all this being said This Cuban man was the love of my life and we shared chemistry, passion and romance that NOBODY could ever take from us

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