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Written By Becca 75 Comments. BUT may I suggest, that you also consider making a resolution that really matters- a marriage resolution. The new year is a great time to put the spotlight on your relationship, and re-kindle some of the sparks. Are you ready to make the year that you kick your marriage into high gear? Wanna take things from Lukewarm to HOT? Just download this darling calendar, designed by the lovely Erin at Strawberry Mommycakes.

The rest of the dates are fun and creative at-home options. BUT make sure that you also save the digital file to your desktop. The red text on the calendar are actually links! If you click on them, it will take you to a post with more details and sometimes FREE Printables to go with your little assignment.

So, are you ready to take our little Marriage Challenge? Are you ready for 31 Days of Romance?! Hey, if we can make time for 30 minute daily workouts, then we can certainly fit in a 15 extra minutes each day to make our spouse a priority! More from my site Free Printable October LOVE Calendar Free March LOVE Calendar Free April LOVE Calendar Free June LOVE Calendar Free February LOVE Calendar Free Printable August LOVE Calendar Click To Download Our.

Printables Designed by Erin Strawberry Mommycakes Exclusively for The Dating Divas. Besides dating divas january love calendar 2016 hilariously witty husband, I love a good book, sappy songs, old black-and-white movies, cute crafts, and all things chocolate. I have four seriously adorable little kiddos at home and they definitely keep life at home FUN! We LOVE hearing from our readers!

Thanks for leaving us some love! If you want a picture to show up next to your comments, get set up with a gravatar! This is seriously the coolest idea ever! Sometimes I just need little bits of inspiration, but my brain is worn out. I hope you do one for every month. YES- we will be doing one for every month! Check back on Jan. I was just checking back in here to see. I have been searching for a way to strengthen Hubby and my relationship but take some of the guess-work out of it we tend to be un-imaginative Is it possible to get the whole year to print dating divas january love calendar 2016 so I an bind it and hang it up?

A bunch of the divas are going to be following this as well. All of our marriages are going to ROCK even more then ever!! These divas are a fabulous blessing! I love love love all of your wonderful ideas! So glad you love it, Megan! This is a cute idea!! So glad that you two will be using it!!! This is so awesome! Hubby and I are going to take turns doing this for the month. I will be printing this out and using it.

We will be releasing them each month… AND, we dating divas january love calendar 2016 even thinking about doing a more in-depth version, but will ALWAYS offer a free one. We are very excited about this!! I am in love!!! This is seriously what we needed this year! Oooh- genius idea to make it your background photo. You guys did such a great job. Thanks SO much for this! My husband and I have been feeling the drain lately. As in, our romance circling the drain. This will be the perfect pick-me-up!

Karen, you are too sweet! I have categories for each day so I hit all the love languages at least once. I had a blast matching ideas from this site to my list. We would love to see your own calendar! So wonderful that you are already doing this!!! Thanks so much for sharing this! Hmmm… I just checked all of the Friday date idea links and they look correct to me. Which ones were you having trouble with?

I guess my computer was doing something strange when I right-clicked on the links; got it figured out now! Ok, I love this!! I love that all of the ideas are simple and FREE!! Printing this out and taping it to our bathroom mirror. Thanks for all that you do to strengthen marriages! You should read it more! Thank you so much for your fantastic ideas! After three babies in six years, we are not nearly as imaginative as we want to be. Wishing you a very happy and loved New Years!

You are so welcome, Dana! With dating divas january love calendar 2016 babies of my dating divas january love calendar 2016, I know the feeling. I love this idea! I showed Hubby and he is way into this! Dating divas january love calendar 2016 also share this with another friend that has open marriage dating site been to your site. I love that your hubby is on board too- it makes it a lot more fun!

Dating divas january love calendar 2016 have the BEST readers ever! Thank you so much. Thank you so much for helping people keep their spouse their number one priority! Rach — You are so welcome and yes, we WILL be doing this every month this year. Have fun doing the daily items!! Is anyone else having trouble printing?? It printed out fine for me. Maybe check your printer settings?

I have saved the calender and I re-pined it… But when I enlarge it, it is blurry and I cant see any of the ideas. Tiffany, did you click on the download link or just save the picture? If you downloaded the pdf- you should be able to see all of the ideas. I LOVE this printable!! But when I print, it only prints the bottom left quarter of the image. Dating divas january love calendar 2016 checking your printer settings. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I am constantly overwhelmed and really drop the ball in this area.

Your calendar will help tons! I appreciate what you do! Thank you so much!!! I love this idea!!! It is such a great way to get connected. Ha ha- yes babies do tend to change things, but in a beautiful way! Thank you so much for this! My husband said it is his favorite present! We LOVE hearing that! It will be airing on January 31st so check back then to grab it. Granted, waking up 15 minutes early to cuddle on a Monday was a little cruel… we ended up just cuddling before bed that night instead.

Ha ha ha- I thought the same thing. We should have planned that one out a little better. Yes- we will be airing a love calendar every month this year! Our February calendar will be airing on Jan. Thank you thank you! I hope you keep it up! You are SO welcome Autumn!!! With three little ones at home, I can totally relate. So glad you two are loving it too! We are loving this calendar. My husband had already decided that his New Years resolution was to pray for me more with some specific prayer points.

I love to surprise him with the creative ideas from your site, and this was a fun way to encourage his new year resolution to give more to our marriage!

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Many of you embarked on the marriage challenge presented by Diva Becca two years ago to make a resolution that really matters — a marriage resolution. I Love Us Printable Book. This is so cool! October 29, 9 Comments. What a fun marriage challenge to bring back the romance! Are you ready for another month of intentionally loving your spouse? Yep, we promised the Love Calendar would be coming and here it is! Best of luck and enjoy the calendars! It's an important thing to remember EVERY day.

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