Dating With Acne Scars

Afne need a girls P. I have some acne scars. Should that prevent me from dating? Have you dated guys with acne scars? Did you really notice them? I have a pic but I'm not experienced enough on here to post a link yet I just want to get past this because it seems like its a mental block prohibiting me from asking anyone out.

I have a picture if you wanna see Is datibg that bad? Should I not worry about it? I know people are imperfect but dating ugly guys reddit just seems to block me from asking anyone out There was this one guy who had some acne scars on his face and I really liked him. I never dated him cause he was still hung up on his ex, but the scars were never a problem for me. Don't let that stop you from dating!

You're right, everybody has imperfections - and girls will learn to love you for them. Really, don't worry about it. Being confident about the way you look despite your supposed flaws datig get you farther than anything else. My man has acne scars, but It doesn't bother me at all. He is just as handsome as the day we met if not more so now: Don't let it bother you hun: I would have to see a pic.

But for me personally no vie never dated anyone with acne scars I've talked to a few guys with them and it dating with acne scars bother me. As long as your sweet and have a great personality be proud of what you look like. I don't see why it should be a problem it's not your fault you have scars from acne all teens have acne wih sum point ir another.

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