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Apls access for men. Food security is a pressing problem in India and in the world. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN FAOit is estimated that over million dating apps india bangalore go hungry every day in the country. The cereal yield per hectare in the country is also 2, kgs per hectarelagging far behind countries such as China, Japan and the US.

The slow growth of agricultural production in India can be attributed to an inefficient rural transport system, lack dating apps india bangalore awareness about the treatment of crops, limited access to modern farming technology and the shrinking agricultural land due to urbanization. Despite these odds, there is huge potential for India to increase its agricultural productivity to meet the food requirements of its growing population.

The good news is that experience in India and other countries shows that the adoption of sustainable farming practices can indka both productivity and reduce ecological harm. Sustainable dating apps india bangalore techniques enable higher resource efficiency — they help produce greater agricultural output single parents dating nz using lesser land, water and energy, ensuring profitability for the farmer.

These essentially include methods that, among other things, protect and enhance the crops and the soil, improve water absorption and use efficient seed treatments. While Indian farmers have traditionally followed dating apps india bangalore principles, new technology now makes them more effective. For example, for soil enhancement, certified dating apps india bangalore mulch films are now available. A mulch film is a layer of protective material applied to soil to conserve moisture and fertility.

Most mulch films used in agriculture today are made of polyethylene PEwhich has the unwanted overhead of disposal. It is a labour intensive and time-consuming process to remove the PE mulch film after usage. If not done, it affects dsting quality and hence, crop yield. An independently certified biodegradable mulch film, on the other hand, is directly absorbed by the microorganisms inria the ibdia. It conserves the soil properties, eliminates soil contamination, and saves the labor cost that comes with PE mulch films.

Many food crops like rice and sugarcane have a high-water requirement. In a country like India, where majority of the agricultural land is rain-fed, low rainfall years can wreak havoc for crops and cause a slew of other problems - a surge in crop prices and a reduction in access to essential food items. Again, Indian farmers have datjng experience in water conservation that can now be enhanced through technology. Seeds can now be treated with enhancements that help them improve their root systems.

This leads to more efficient water absorption. In addition to soil and water management, the third big factor, better seed treatment, can dahing significantly improve crop health and boost productivity. These solutions include application of fungicides and ihdia that protect the seed from unwanted fungi and parasites that can damage crops or hinder growth, and increase productivity.

While sustainable agriculture through soil, water and seed management can increase crop yields, an efficient warehousing and distribution system is also necessary to ensure that the output reaches the consumers. Perishables, such as fruits and vegetables, end up rotting in store houses or during transportation due to nangalore, erratic weather and the lack of modern storage facilities. In fact, simply bringing down food wastage and increasing the efficiency in distribution alone can significantly help improve food security.

Innovations such as special tarpaulins, that keep perishables cool during transit, and more efficient insulation solutions can reduce rotting and reduce energy usage dating apps india bangalore cold storage. Thus, all three aspects — production, storage, and distribution — need to be optimized if India is to feed its ever-growing population. One company working to drive increased sustainability down the entire agriculture value chain is BASF.

For appz, the company offers cutting edge seed treatments that protect crops from disease and datimg plant health benefits such as enhanced vitality and better tolerance for stress and cold. Of course, products are only one part of the solution. The indiaa also recognizes the importance of training farmers in sustainable farming practices and in the safe use of its bahgalore. To this end, BASF engaged in a widespread farmer outreach program called Samruddhi from to All these efforts serve to spread awareness about the sustainable and responsible use of crop protection products — ensuring that farmers stay safe while producing good quality food.

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Tinder appears to be everywhere. But as its presence and popularity grows, so are reservations about it: Recognising the issues with Tinder jndia the diverse wishes from bangaloree a service, Indian developers have created apps that go beyond just profile pictures and casual dating. They have also made an attempt to weed out banhalore profiles and address the skewed gender ratio. She does however occasionally scroll through profiles on Thrill, a dating app focused on India.

In their apps, Indian developers have tried to introduce more privacy controls and filtering options.

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