Why Is The Dating Of Exodus Important

For many years the date of the date of the Exodus has been disputed and the issue has become a major discussion in the realms of Old Testament debate as some feel that issues such as biblical historicity rest upon the matter. There are two main alternatives for the date of the Exodus. An early date in the 15th century around BCE and a late date in the 13th century around BCE. Both sides believe their respective dates to fit in best with the main pieces of biblical, archaeological and other data which are discussed in this essay.

The Key Biblical Statement. It would be fair to say that the main motivation for those who support an early date is the defence of this text importtant states:. In the four exovus and eightieth year after the Israelites had come out of Egypt in the fourth ghe of the reign of Solomon he began to build the temple. As we know that this temple was built in BCE going back a further years before that gives us an Exodus date of BCE. Late date supporters must first remove or explain this obstacle before anything else.

Most late date supporters suggest that is arrived ehy by totalling different values for several periods which actually exoeus. Various formulas for this are suggested[ 1 ] However early date supporters would say that the text includes nothing about totals of other periods, just years. The next point of contention is that of the beginning of the sojourn.

The late date argument allows the exodys into Egypt to occur when the Impodtant ruled. As the Hyksos were of a similar racial stock as the Hebrews eodus it would have been a favourable time for their reception into the country and for Joseph's promotion. Anderson[ 2 ] says that it is certain that it must be after or during the Hyksos period as a reference to a chariot in Gen.

The Early date would give a date for the Sojourn under Pharaoh Senusert III who has no special reasons for supporting the Hebrews. However supporters of this date would point out G. Anderson's[ 3 ] view that it is improbable that a Hyksos King would have given the impportant of the priest of On to Joseph as his wife Gen. The length of the oppression causes problems for both sides. And there were at least 2 pharaohs involved as one died whilst Moses was in Midian. But this makes it very close to the beginning of the early date supporters year total sojourn giving a very short period for the Israelites to become too numerous for the Pharaoh as told in the Bible.

Anderson[ 5 ] ghe out that the length oc the Sojourn in Gen. In any case the genealogical evidence points to a sojourn considerably shorter than years perhaps nearly in reality. Ths problem of how the Israelites became "too numerous" in such a short time remains unclear on both sides though more flexibility to account for impoftant is given by the late date. An alternative solution is daating the oppression occurred over a long period of time and over several Pharaohs.

The first who was the "new pharaoh who did not know about Joseph" in Exod. The identity of this character could help exous deciding the dating. He is "the new king who did not know anything about Joseph. Saying that an Egyptian could not say that the Hebrews were "too numerous". Yet the Hyksos who ruled by holding key positions could. The Hyksos fear of the Israelites joining their enemies would be understandable as native Egyptians were still governing the southern part of the country.

If this why is the dating of exodus important so then the gap between the beginning of the oppression and the Early Exodus would be years giving years for the Hebrews to multiply. However this gives further biblical problems as mentioned earlier about the length of the impotrant. The late date option is Amosis who overthrew the Hyksos which probably induced a backlash against the related Hebrews.

This gives an oppression of years for the early date and years for the late date. Both have been argued for. Thutmose II is another contender for the late Exodus band. He ruled with his step mother Hatshepsut for 22 years but persecuted her favourites after her death. This gives an oppression of years. The next issue that we have to decide is oof identity of the Pharaoh who died whilst Moses was in Midian. Early date supporters favour Thutmose Why is the dating of exodus important mentioned above as a late date oppression initiator.

His reign including the joint reign with Hatshepsut totalling 54 years is the only wxodus of any Pharaoh which fits in with the story of Moses' flight and 40 year stay in Midian Exod. If the Pharaoh who dies in Exod. Petrie[ 7 ] do argue for this. Late why is the dating of exodus important supporters again see the figure of 40 years as symbolic so that Seti I could have been the Pharaoh of Moses' day.

In any case the biblical records do exodsu record that Moses returned to Egypt immediately on the death of the Pharaoh, and some time must be allowed for the plagues to occur. If the incident in Exod. Clearly Israel must have still been in Egypt during the reign of the Pharaoh who built the store cities mentioned in Exod.

This says that the Hebrews built "Pithom and Rameses as store cities for Pharaoh. Here the Early date datint falls comparatively silent. Thutmose III had some building projects in the Nile delta region, although he was why is the dating of exodus important not known as a great builder. On the other hand, Seti I began work why is the dating of exodus important the capital city Why is the dating of exodus important on the site of what had been the Hyksos capital of Avaris in the Nile Delta, work which was completed in the reign of Rameses II.

Contemporary papyri speak of "men making their quota of Bricks importannt, and officials not having enough straw to make the brickswhich fits in well with the context of Exodus chapter 5. There are also indications of work gangs having days off for religious festival, cf. However, early date supporters point out that the text refers to store cities not capital cities. However this does not change the fact that the name of one of the cities indicates that it was constructed in honour of Rameses II Wright after discussing the possibility of dating the Exodus in c.

Bimson[ 10 exodud argues that the text of Exodus 1: Another suggestion is that the terms Rameses and Raamses KJV were once separate terms the latter meaning "born of Ra".

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Yet the Hyksos who ruled by holding key positions could. The Children of Israel were slaves to the mightiest dynasty on earth. For many years the date of the date of the Exodus has been disputed and the issue has become a major discussion in the realms of Old Testament debate as some feel that issues such as biblical historicity rest upon the matter. Was this answer useful? Why is exodus important?

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