Emma Watson Dating Jay Barrymore

Celebs Praise McCain for 'No' Vote to Defeat Obamacare 'Skinny Repeal'. Matt Bomer Plays 'Does It Give You a Boner, Bomer? Emma Watson goes shopping with her boyfriend, financier Jay Barrymoreat her local Waitrose grocery store in London on Wednesday July Emma19, has no plans to do her own fashion line. The idea of making my own perfume makes me want to vomit.

Emma will be moving completely free dating sites san antonio tx the states to earn a degree at an Ivy League college. Does that mean Jay will be heading to the states this fall as well? Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is in theaters NOW! The clothing line and perfume thing has gotten out of control.

And most of it sucks. An actress stays an actress, a designer a designer. The fact that she wants to continue her educations says it ALL!! There are NO good role models these days. Are these teenage girls are sluts who are dating and having sex with adult men while in their teens. All these slutty teenage girls bother me. There are no role models left for young girls. She can do what she wants. They make a sweet couple and good on her for not discussing it with the press all the time!

Just a fantasy, leave us alone. She was amazingly gorgeous in the flesh though. But who is this Jay guy? Anybody got an info on him? This guy looks seriously pretty old next Emma. She young and young-looking for her age. I find it a bit ridiculous. The fact that she continues to be level headed, plans to pursue university education and is not drowning in the media spotlight shows that she is a good role model. Miley Cyrus who pretends to be religious and saintly.

Not a good thing 3 27 is too old for her. Idk, he looks kinda hot. I find it a little weird that a 27 year old is dating a 19 year old. My dad used to work with Jay, and he is going to America to study business. Apparently a really nice down to earth guy. Please, someone feed that girl. I hope she uses the Jaime Oliver book and actually eats what she cooks. She seems like a emma watson dating jay barrymore level-headed girl. He does look like an older brother in these photos though.

I also love that she may be going to Brown, my dream Ivy. Cooler, you sound like some emma watson dating jay barrymore of christian fanatic. I agree with what she says. Too many female celebs come emma watson dating jay barrymore with crappy fashion lines. Good for Emma that she has the honesty to realise that. I find it annoying the emma watson dating jay barrymore girls always date guys who are half a foot taller than they are. Really cuts the field down for us shorter blokes… Dump him Emma.

Better than going out with some zit-picking, teenage scrounger. She wanted to, it was her decision. English girls are more mature than american girls of the same age, and all girls are more mature than boys of the same age. RSS Twitter Facebook Instagram. Main About Us Exclusive Contact Send Tips. Wed, 15 July at Just Jared on Facebook. Sponsored Links by ZergNet.

Also on Just Jared. JJ Links Around The Web. He looks uncomfortable, she looks smug. Good on you, Emma! I like her, but her boyfriend seems too old for her…. BTW, how old is Jay? Maybe Emma has daddy issues? Older guys are good in certain areas, compared to anyone who would be emma watson dating jay barrymore The guy has a resemblance to Tom Felton in that picture, eh? What is wrong with his hair??? Ansel Elgort is emma watson dating jay barrymore on the red carpet by his co-star Eiza Gonzalez as they premiere their film Josh Hutcherson buddies up with executive producer Seth Rogen as they promote their upcoming show Cara Delevingne is Emma watson dating jay barrymore with Butterflies in 'I Feel Cara Delevingne looks absolutely stunning in her music video for her first single!

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Emma Watson's boyfriends: From Tom Felton to 'Prince Harry' - see her dating history

I think it makes perfect sense for Emma to date an older guy. I think her BF is HAWT! Born on 10th March, in London, England, UK, he is famous for Have Your Cake and Eat It Click here to read more. She wanted to, it was her decision. Emma Watson's new spell with her Prince William lookalike

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